Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taking A Break

I have been taking a little break for the last two days. My paddling muscles will need lots of practice and training to get into good condition, not to mention lots of rest.

The weather has not been all that cooperative. Rain and thunderstorms are not something that I enjoy canoeing in. Well the rain is not so bad, but I could sure do without the thunderstorms while I am on the water.

Here is a nice picture of the sunset on the South Saskatchewan River. There was a lot more red in the sky that the picture did not reveal, but I was very glad for the break in the clouds and rain to get the picture.

To keep everyone updated, I will be posting as often as possible, but there are lots of "dead" zones along the river. I often have to hike quite a ways away from the river just to get cell reception. So on those days, PJ will post updates for me.

To any who are interested: Come on out, visit and paddle for a while. I would be happy for the company, and so would all the kids who suffer from A1AD.

See you on the River!

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