Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gardiner Dam

On approach to the Gardiner Dam at the north end of Diefenbaker Lake you can see the Dam's power structures. If you see this you are too far east.

A little way to the west I came across the Dam's water control structure. There is a line of bouys that block the way. It would be a fast ride down the dam.

Further west the canoist will come across a warning sign. Better late than never!

Finally on the north east corner of the lake there is a boat launch at Danielson Provincial Park.

There is PJ waiting at the boat launch to help us around the dam.

Everything is loaded up, ready to portage around the dam.

To get down to the other side, you just go straight across the highway and down a windy road through a hay field. Here Will and I are posing with the canoe. Will has been a great help, especially on Diefenbaker Lake.

The view down river from the top of the dam.

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