Monday, August 30, 2010

Outlook Saskatchewan

Outlook is only about 30km from Diefenbaker Lake. It is a nice clean little town. Here PJ took a few pictures of Will and I paddling under the bridges.

This old bridge is no longer used for traffic, but Outlook has plans to use the bridge as a tourist attraction.

There we go on down the river. There was a man standing on shore fishing. We rarely see people fishing from shore.

We stopped in Outlook to see the sights. Well one sight really. This is the Trans Canada Trail Pavilion at the walking bridge spanning the South Saskatchewan River.

The longest walking bridge in Canada. It was made from an old train trestle bridge.

Here is a view up river. The two bridges that we canoed under are barely discernible.

Here is a view down river from the top of the walking bridge.

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