Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Pictures From The South Saskatchewan River

I love this picture. Mother Nature's abstract art!

I came across a fairly large patch of cactus growing on a hillside when trying to get high enough to get cell phone reception. There are lots of cactus growing all along the river, you just have to be cautious when looking for the restroom.

Just thought I would add a bit of flora.

About 500 metres from the ferry there are these bright yellow warning signs on either side of the river. The signs warn of the ferry and also of the underwater cable.

There are a few ferries crossing the western portion of the South Saskatchewan River. So far, they have all looked very similar.

There seems to be many Coyotes along the South Saskatchewan River. They are quite loud at night sometimes, howling back and forth. Here is another young family of Coyotes. A few moments after I took this picture, they ran off into the bush in answer of a distant coyote call.

A nice shot up river.

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