Monday, June 14, 2010

Lessons Learned - Part II

Stretching and Massage
300 kilometres in a day is a long ride, and I tensed up fast. During my stop breaks, I continually stretched my legs in several different directions. Then worked my knuckles into the muscles to loosen them and get rid of all the lactic acid and increase blood flow. This definitely helped with muscle recovery and kept me going strong for 700km.

Sore Wrists
A sore spot that I found happened daily was that my wrists got sore. I had to keep moving them around to facilitate good blood flow and to keep my little fingers from falling asleep. I did find that keeping my wrists straight helped a great deal. The next time I am going to look for different grips that might provide more support. And perhaps I can find those handlebars that allow the rider to shift the weight on the forearms as well.

Enjoying The Ride
Every once in a while I felt it necessary to give myself a very small break from the monotonous pedaling, and would speed down a hill, or more usually draft off a passing transport truck. At first, I thought that it was more polite for the truck drivers to move over a bit, if possible, but then after a while, I found that it was nicer if they just stayed in their own lane and cut the wind for me. When a fast transport would pass, I would cut in behind and being drawn along by his draft, I would enjoy a boost of speed. When several transports would pass close together, my speed would increase so much, that I could easily go from the humdrum of 25km/hr to 40+ km/hr.

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