Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 2

Colonsay is not on the highway, but the town has put a lot of work into their Welcome Sign and centre piece that I took a picture of it anyway. It was the most picturesque setting that I had seen on my cross Saskatchewan ride. The town is about 53km eastward of Saskatoon, just south of the Yellowhead.

Not much happened on the road to Lanigan. I just kept pedaling and pedaling. It started to get very boring.

From Lanigan to Wynyard the road just kept rolling. Long hills and a south cross wind, made the trip long and tedious. Dayfoe is a small town located about halfway between Lanigan and Wynyard. The shoulder of the road from Dayfoe to Wynyard is in terrible condition, and there was a great deal of transport truck traffic.

Foam Lake was a nice clean looking town.

An hour or so past Foam Lake and I stopped in to visit Anka who was staying with PJ during my cycling trip. I missed my little puppy!

Another hour down the road and I made it to Theodore. Total distance covered this day was 267 kilometres. I traveled less distance than the first day, but also rode for 2.5hrs less today.

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