Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 3

Springside is only about 16km down the road from Theodore. It was an easy ride, except for the fact that I was getting a little saddle sore. My choice of shorts the day before was not a good choice. I learned that it is best to wear shorts with less seams.

By the time I arrived at Yorkton the wind had picked up and was coming from a southerly direction.

Even though Rokeby is a small village, their efforts to welcome visitors is certainly appreciated. So many of the towns along the Yellowhead would not even put up a sign.

There were two young Belgian stallions on the way to Saltcoats.

A new picture of the Saltcoats sign. I was reminded of when I did my first 100km ride, and how far I have progressed in my health.

Saltcoats to Bredenbury was a challenge. The highway turned quite southerly and I was pushing into a headwind. This stretch certainly slowed my speed and drastically affected my moving average.

After Churchbridge the highway turned southeast again, which meant I was able to pick up the pace, considering there was only a cross wind.

I almost missed the Langenburg sign. It was located in the centre of town and on the north side of the road.

Right beside the sign was a tourist rest area where there is a children's play area, and a giant swing called Goliath.

PJ joined me for the last 15km, and picked me up at the border. A few kilometres outside of Langenburg I ran into a torrential rain cloud. Just before the rain the wind changed to a strong east direction and almost brought me to a walking pace. The rain fell hard, but it felt great to cool down.

It took me just over six hours, traveling at a pace around 20km/hr, to make the last 123km. Altogether my GPS said the trip covered a total of 705.38 kilometres. Not bad for a guy who a couple of months ago was often ill and could hardly get out of bed.

I have to give a huge thanks to my sponsors. Without them I could not have done any of this. So please take a few moments to click over to their sites and say thanks.

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