Monday, June 28, 2010

How To Raise Money For Charity

This is a very good question and one that I have been pondering for some time. As I have mentioned earlier, I have been looking for corporate sponsors to help fund Samuel’s awareness efforts. I got so excited after receiving the $25 dollar gift card from Staples but then … Nothing! I canvassed and called and emailed to no avail. I have come to the conclusion that nobody is just going to give me money.

When I asked one store (Peavey Mart) for money, they said no to the money, but they could donate an item for a charity auction. Well this certainly got the gears grinding in my head. I pondered it for a few weeks and then decided to give it a try. I do not have the funds or manpower to hold a live, in person auction, so I thought I would try an online auction instead.

I went back to Peavey Mart and they gave me my first donation, a toaster oven.

I had more shopping to do so everywhere I went I hit up the manager for a donation. By the end of the day I had a digital picture frame from Canadian Tire and a couple of nice western shirts from the Hitching Post.

I started thinking that this could really work. I decided to really put the idea to the test. I spent one whole day canvassing 5 blocks of stores in downtown Yorkton. I came away with almost $1300 worth of donations as shown in the picture up top. I also have more promised and a lot of follow up calls to make.

This could actually work as long as I can get the traffic to the auction. Once I get the auction online, I will put up links here on the blog and on Arctic Toboggan. So please tell all of your friends to come and bid and support a good cause.

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