Monday, May 24, 2010



Today was my first 130km ride!

The ride took me 6 hours and 42 minutes, an overall average of 19.4km/hr. I did stop a few times to walk a few steps to change muscle usage. My moving time was 6hr & 7min, which works out to a moving average of 21.3km/hr. I was cycling at an angle into the wind on the return trip, so I was going quite a bit slower, which dropped my average considerably. But the upside is, I have gotten strong enough to pedal into the wind for a few hours. I think I am ready to attempt the first stage of my Alpha 1 Adventure, which is to cycle across Saskatchewan. I plan on following Highway 16, from border to border. Whether I go east or west depends on the wind. I would like to make my attempt during low winds, or perhaps even a tail wind if possible, but I will work with the weather either way.

Here is a map of Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

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