Sunday, May 23, 2010

Too much wind?

It is incredibly windy out there today, too windy for Samuel to go out riding, so it is another day of cross training for him. He usually doesn't mind the wind, especially when it is blowing his way :D, but today the wind is blowing across the highway and it is gusting to 85 km/h, and that's just not safe.

While surfing the web today I came across the blog of 2 girls who are cycling across the country raising money for The Heart and Stroke Foundation. (Across Canada For Your Heart) I hope they are able to stay out of this wind.


  1. Actually, I did get to go for a short ride after the rain stopped and the wind dropped to around 25-30km/hr. But I am getting stronger and my muscle is building and soon I will be able to cycle in any kind of weather. :)

  2. Samuel, you are an inspiration to us all, keep on trekking...