Friday, July 30, 2010

Packed And Ready To Go

As you can see, I am packed and ready to go!

My start date seems to be set at this coming Tuesday, August 3rd. I decided to wait the extra day instead of trying to battle the heavy long weekend traffic.

I got a little paint happy, and made my letters a little big on the side of the canoe. It should be visible from shore though. So if you see me paddle by, be sure to wave and say hello.

Also, I should point out that I will be starting with two paddles on the trip. The new and improved single blade paddle is in the canoe, and the newly build double bladed paddle is sitting on top. It has a rectangular oak handle and thin birch blades. It is fairly light for the material, but still heavier than what I am used to.

Keep checking back often, as I will be attempting to post every day. PJ has consented to meet me a various places along the river and trade me camera cards so that she can upload a few pictures from time to time.

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