Friday, March 16, 2012

New Equipment and Muscle Cramps

Yesterday (Thursday) I rode 20km, and today I made 27km, so there is some improvement. With all the hilly terrain I had to push myself fairly hard and by the end of the ride I couldn't seem to stop my hamstrings and feet from cramping. So I will be taking the weekend off, then hopefully get back to training on Monday.

I have some fun news too! I upgraded my equipment and this year am riding a Catrike so I shouldn't be getting so saddle sore, which is a great comfort. I have made many custom modifications to the trike and will be posting pictures soon.

Another great piece of equipment that I just got on Wednesday is a pair of cycling shoes with cleats to fit my pedals. So far they work great. Which is probably why my hams were cramping. That muscle is just not used to so much pulling. But it certainly makes my pedaling much more efficient. I am totally looking forward to cycling this summer.

I wonder how far I can go??

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